The Eastman Group, Inc.

The Eastman Group, Inc. 

Richard Eastman has semi-retired.  The Eastman Group is no longer active as a business per se. Richard Eastman is available to consult with airlines, corporations, tour operators, and travel agencies seeking to help bridge the gap between business strategy and operational software needs. 

In the past, TEG actively produced "product" ... software solutions to increase productivity and/or innovate new digital tools.  Richard's  experience in software solutions and development provide a solid foundation for consulting roles.  While still on the forefront of technology change, Richard has 45+ years of industry experience to reference.

Richard remains an active flight instructor and author.

About This Site

This site is divided into four major sections, a brief biography, and a contact page. 

Eastman's Corner

This section reflects a "random" set of thoughts.  Now semi-retired, Richard reflects on a wide variety of issues ... from the airline and travel industry trends to the processes and results of human behavior as reflected in contemporary lifestyles, politics, and the airline industry.

Pilot Techniques for Safe Flight

This section is primarily focused on general aviation pilot training, techniques, and skill improvements. Richard remains an active Certified Flight Instructor and from time to time, writes essays and thoughts on flying technique and skills enhancement.  

The Eastman Group, Inc.

This section lists products and solutions developed by TEG in the past. It is offered as a reference point reflecting the kinds of needs, solutions, and environments relative to consulting roles that within Richard's resources and skills. The products listed are no longer offered.

Off-the-Wall Comments and other Press Stories

In the late 1990's and early 2000's, Richard wrote extensively for publication in media; and produced a news letter "Off The Wall Comments" in which he attempted to foresee where the technology of that period was going to take the industry.  These documents provide a reference point for comparing what he then saw "as the future" ... and what has subsequently evolved. 

Richard Eastman
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